This undated photo provided by Panda Bear Films/Latino Public Broadcasting shows Latino construction worker stands outside a Dallas construction site.

Federal executives, workers paint bleak picture of federal workforce

In today’s Federal Newscast, the Partnership for Public Service is sounding alarm bells over the state of the federal workforce ahead of the upcoming presidential…

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‘Nearly all’ State Dept. SES, senior Foreign Service members eligible to retire in next 10 years

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Is the federal workforce stretched too thin to handle the next major disaster?

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Amelia Brust/Federal News Radio

Bound by constraints of 40-year-old rules, civil service ready for a rebuild

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Slicing, dicing data gives agencies roadmap to better employee engagement

Julie Brill, the acting deputy associate director for the Senior Executive Service and Performance Management at the Office of Personnel Management, credited…

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SES bonuses: Merit or T-ball trophies?

How many agencies see how an Office of Personnel Management report can help them improve the way they reward their senior executives.

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Pile of dollars in suitcase. USA flag, cash and case. More chances for victory. Compliment from local executive.

More career senior executives earned higher-value performance bonuses in 2016

More than 81 percent of career members of the Senior Executive Service earned an award in 2016, compared to about 71 percent in fiscal 2015.

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