Senior Executives Association

  • The shape of the first 90 days

    Moving from the transition to governing: what’s ahead for the new Obama Administration?

  • Fed managers leery of telework appeal process

    By Max Cacas FederalNewsRadio The Office of Personnel Management has issued new guidance to all federal agencies designed to boost the number of feds eligible to telework. Included in that guidance is an idea that…

  • Federal Whistleblower Protection Legislation

    Last week we brought you highlights of a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight hearing about new whistleblower legislation. Federal News Radio’s Max Cacas was there and reported on the legislation. Bill…

  • OMB’s Liebman: Getting beyond PART

    One of the top feds at the Office of Management and Budget is offering a more detailed picture of what’s expected of federal workers and their agencies in the next several years.

  • Leaping Tall Buildings, Fed Style

    Normally Senior Correspondent Mike Causey keeps his Inside-the-Beltway jet-set lifestyle private. He doesn’t want to brag, or make you jealous. But today he makes an exception starting with his black tie dinner date with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • OMB preparing performance management dashboard

    Administration will list agencies’ progress in meeting their high-priority goals detailed in the 2011 budget request. OMB wants quarterly updates to ensure agencies are on track to meet their plans of actions and milestones. Meanwhile, the House passes a bill to mandate a new type of performance management.

  • Data driving performance measures for Federal agencies

    OMB is setting up a new dashboard to measure agency performance.

  • OPM and FEMA step up for management pilots

    A deadline is nearing for federal labor managers. November first is when they are supposed to be up and running with Labor-Management Council Forums. Carol Bonasaro gives us an update

  • Analysis: How the new political alignment will impact feds

    Will the big changes in Congress mean big changes for federal employees? Bill Bransford, general counsel for the Senior Executives Association, joins Mike Causey for this week’s Your Turn. November 3, 2010

  • Tips for managing morale

    Carol Bonosaro, the president of the Senior Executives Association, shares advice for federal managers as they try to navigate in uncertain times.