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For General Schedule employees, pay compression got a little worse in 2024

After the latest 5.2% federal pay raise, pay compression now applies to 60% of locality pay areas, with some senior-level feds in 35 of the 58 areas hitting…

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Telework, federal telework

Some much-deserved recognition for a longtime fed in the financial management arena

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Derace Lauderdale

Reforming federal hiring: Does the Chance to Compete Act promise more than the government can deliver?

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Human resource management and recruitment employment business concept

‘There’s a lot to be done’: Federal groups push for greater SES diversity

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Unbanked Survey

House bill aims to reduce effects of pay compression for senior-level feds

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FILE - A box filled with dollar bills is shown in New York, Wednesday, April 3, 2019. Even though your tax refund can feel like a gift from the government, the best use of those funds is not always apparent. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Locality tweaks are only the tip of the federal pay iceberg, managers coalition warns

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Biden picks 233 civil service leaders for the 2022 Presidential Rank Awards

President Joe Biden picked 233 federal employees across 33 agencies as winners of the 2022 Presidential Rank Awards.

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Advocacy groups raise concerns about federal pay system amid growing wage gap

The Federal Salary Council reported that federal pay fell further behind private sector pay, from a pay gap of 22.47% in 2021 to 24.09% in 2022.

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Bill to prevent Schedule F from resurfacing advances out of House committee

The House Rules Committee passed the Preventing a Patronage System Act favorably in a vote of 8-4 along party lines. Now, it moves to the full House floor.

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