sexual harassment

  • Navy declares war on sexual harassment & assault

    Battling sexual harassment and sexual assault in the ranks is one of the highest priority work-life issues in the U.S. Navy. Yesterday, a group representing women in the military discussed the issue during a conference here in Washington.

  • Report: Officer removed after harassment claims

    The commanding officer of a Florida-based warship was removed from his post during an overseas deployment after several female crew members alleged that he sexually harassed women aboard ship, according to a Navy report.

  • EPA ignored sexual harassment for more than a decade, whistleblowers claim

    Whistleblowers told a House committee that managers at the Environmental Protection Agency turned a blind eye to allegations of sexual harassment for more than a decade.

  • Government has a sex problem

    Too many agencies are producing allegations of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to overseas parties funded by criminals.

  • 2016 Merit Principles Survey on its way to federal employees

    The Merit Systems Protection Board announced it’s launching the 2016 Merit Principles Survey to feds in July and August.

  • Former Army officer relates ordeal of prolonged sexual harassment

    Retired Lt. Col. Teresa James tells an audience of government whistleblower hotline managers in Arlington, Virginia, that female officers in her office were intimidated by a male superior who would routinely sexually harass them.

  • Meredith Somers: Forest Service failing to prevent harassment

    The House Oversight Committee investigated reports of sexual harassment and misconduct within the Agriculture Department. Employee advocates testified on Capitol Hill that the U.S. Forest Service is not doing enough to prevent harassment, protect victims, and punish perpetrators. Federal News Radio’s Meredith Somers shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Sexual harassment at the office: Lessons not learned

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says when it comes to workplace sexual harassment, most men are still Cro-Magnons.

  • Kate Hendricks Thomas: Push to end sexual harassment starts at top

    Last week’s news of Facebook accounts to which member of the Marine Corps posted compromising photos of their female colleagues prompted a response from Commandant Robert Neller. Kate Hendricks Thomas, a Marine Corps veteran and now assistant professor at Charleston Southern University, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin top leadership is where the end of sexual harassment has to start.

  • How leadership should respond to military sexual harassment

    Top leadership is where the end of sexual harassment has to start, according to Kate Hendricks Thomas, a Marine Corps veteran and assistant professor at Charleston Southern University.