CONTRACT AWARDS on missing puzzle

Age-old small business contracting challenge rears its ugly head, again

Industry procurement experts say a new ruling by the Court of Federal Claims continues to spark debate over the rule of two requirement for small business…

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Small business contracting

The challenges of being a small government contractor

C2 Technologies CEO Dolly Oberoi joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center to discuss the evolution of the “small business” contracting…

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Head shots of Bernard and Amtower

The power of teaming & accessing online training

What are the biggest problems facing small contractors and what steps can they take to increase their chances of winning government contracts? Find out…

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Air Force

Air Force evolving to buy ideas, not tech

The Air Force is in the middle of a major acquisition reform. Part of that is trying to learn how to work with tech startups and small businesses.

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