small business

Did pandemic emergency loans reach minority small business, and will the next round?

For one look at whether minority owned small businesses have benefitted so far, Federal Drive turned to Creative Investment Research economist and principal…

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Nonmanufacturer rule waiver and set-asides: An unintended consequence for domestic manufacturers

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Jennifer Wexton, Scott Surovell

New bill to provide financial help to feds during government shutdowns

In today’s Federal Newscast, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) introduces new legislation requiring federal regulators to encourage financial institutions…

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DoD testing secure cloud to help small contractors protect data

In a recognition that smaller firms don’t have the infrastructure to defend themselves against sophisticated attacks, DoD will experiment with a secure…

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Brian Park

How accelerators can help DC catch the blockchain wave

Brian Park, managing partner at SparkLabs Cyber+Blockchain, discusses how his accelerator’s initiatives in new and expanding technologies are pushing innovation while still creating profit.

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