Stan Soloway

  • Sequestration could spell $39B in cuts to civilian agency budgets

    Civilian agencies may lose almost $40 billion dollars in top-line funding if sequestration goes into effect on Jan. 2, according to a new analysis by the Professional Services Council. Using fiscal 2012 as a baseline, PSC calculated civilian discretionary spending would decline by $39 billion and that individual agency budget would decline by 7.8 percent. More granular data are hard to come by until the Office of Management and Budget provides more details about specific about how the cuts will affect specific programs.

  • Former OFPP officials say government in state of ‘paralysis’

    Former officials from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy say agencies need to get out of the ditch they have dug for themselves by taking multiple-award contracts the wrong way.

  • In Depth interviews – July 24

    On the In Depth show blog, you can listen to the interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day and links to additional resources. Stan Soloway, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, discusses whether sequestration can be averted.

  • Top issues affecting contractors

    Professional Services Council President and CEO Stan Soloway will talk contracting with host Mark Amtower. May 7, 2012

  • Senate Dems. call for service-contracting cap, but industry cries foul

    A group of 26 Democratic senators wrote last week to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta urging the Pentagon to lift an “arbitrary” cap on DoD’s civilian workforce, saying contractors hadn’t been similarly affected by budget constraints. But the Professional Services Council, an industry group which represents many defense contractors, rebuts the charge that contractors haven’t also felt the effects of the current fiscal climate.

  • How does industry view procurement reforms?

    Soloway, whose group represents scores of government contractors, discussed how federal procurement reforms have been viewed on the industry side.

  • Search is on for Gordon’s OFPP successor

    On the heels of the announcement that Dan Gordon will step down as OFPP administrator, experts evaluate his legacy and discuss the process and pitfalls of naming a successor.

  • Analysis: Obama plan’s pay cap for contractor execs is ‘illogical’

    The President said in a speech today that federal contractor executives are getting paid too much from the government.

  • PSC calls contracting provisions into question

    The Professional Services Council details likes and dislikes of procurement language in the 2012 DoD Authorization bill.

  • Agencies must cut service contracting by 15 percent

    OMB will tell agencies to focus on management support service contracts and reduce spending by $6 billion. OMB said contracting for management support services grew at a faster rate than other types of contracting. The initiative is part of the administration’s Campaign to Cut Waste.