• 34,000 Thrift Savings Plan millionaires!

    The number of feds who have account balances ranging from $750,000 to $999,000 rose between 2016 and this year. Now the largest balance is more than $6 million.

  • G fund: Super safe or high risk?

    Financial planner Arthur Stein cautions against investing too much of your TSP in the G fund, because of inflation and taxes. You don’t want to see the purchasing power of your TSP account eaten up over time.

  • How long can the TSP’s bull market last?

    Many experts say that the current bull market began in March 2009 and if it lasts through this month it will be the longest in history. Others say it didn’t start until much, much later.

  • TSP performance stays positive in July, returns show

    July was overall an optimistic month for Thrift Savings Plan performance, with all investment funds showing positive returns compared to the previous month.

  • TSP’s T Fund tanks, loses $100B — if it had one

    Imagine the financial and emotional hangover you would have today if some, most or all of your retirement nest egg had been invested in the Thrift Savings Plan’s T Fund? That’s “T” for technical stocks.

  • Your TSP account: Surviving the coming correction

    Financial planner Arthur Stein says that “declines are part of the market cycle.” In fact, he counted a historical average of 5 percent declines about three times a year.

  • How ’safe’ is playing it safe in the TSP?

    When financial times get tough and a bear market rears its ugly head many Thrift Savings Plan investors head for the safety of the bond index F Fund or, more likely, the super-safe never has a bad day G-fund.

  • New year brings a steady increase of TSP returns

    The Thrift Savings Plan investment and lifecycle funds both see slight increase in return as the new year takes off.

  • TSP returns mostly lower, but still positive in October

    While none of the funds dipped far enough to post negative returns, only three funds showed growth since September.

  • Financial risk planning: how to know your risk tolerance

    Certifed financial planner Joe Sullender answers questions and emails about how to create a financial plan for your family. July 29, 2013.