strategic sourcing

  • How DHS got strategic sourcing right

    The Homeland Security Department wants to align its procurement and technology organizations to change the culture from buying to acquisition.

  • The shrinking GSA Schedule

    Dozens of vendors are concerned they will not be able to renew their contracts to provide office supplies under GSA Schedule 75. GSA says it doesn’t plan on reopening the schedule for at least another nine months.

  • It takes a $500,000 payroll for the government to buy a 10-cent pencil

    Strategic sourcing for office supplies has worked out about as well as an unplugged electric pencil sharpener. Why saw the sawdust?

  • Strategic sourcing: Evolving or devolving?

    The General Services Administration is soliciting industry input on how to buy office supplies differently through the multiple award schedules. Some in industry say GSA is reacting to continued challenges with the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI).

  • New rules coming for how agencies buy mobile services

    OMB will issue two new policies in the coming months. One for enterprise software licensing, which currently is in draft, and another on IT mobile services.

  • Tim DiNapoli: Agencies could save money by using strategic sourcing

    The government spends $30 billion on IT services a year. The Government Accountability Office said agencies can save a chunk of that if they bought more of those services in bulk, i.e., strategic sourcing. Tim DiNapoli, director of acquisition and sourcing management issues at GAO, recently wrote a report to Congress on this issue and he joined In Depth with Francis Rose to share the details.

  • Barry Berkowitz: Strategic sourcing can transform your agency

    The Commerce Department is recovering from years of disjointed procurement oversight and spending. Commerce finds millions of dollars in procurement efficiencies thanks to an effort to improve the acquisition process that’s been going on for several years. Barry Berkowitz is the senior procurement executive at the Commerce Department. He tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller how he is transforming the agency and why his efforts are similar to what other chief acquisition officers say they are trying to do in a Federal News Radio survey of CAOs.

  • Employees drive USDA culture change that leads to $1.4B in savings

    Secretary Tom Vilsack said employees saw opportunities to buy smarter, telework more and rethink long-held practices under the Blueprint for Stronger Service initiative. He said after saving money across the board on back-office functions, the Agriculture Department’s goal is to save another $100 million from strategic sourcing.

  • All things procurement with Bill Gormley

    Gormley Group President Bill Gormley joins host Roger Waldron for a wide ranging discussion of interagency contracting, strategic sourcing and data collection through contracting. March 10, 2015

  • 2014: A year in review

    Carolyn Alston and Bill Gormley with the Coalition for Government Procurement, look back at what happened in government wide contracting in 2014, and what’s ahead in the new year. January 27, 2015