Air Force, AI State Legislation

Air Force unveils new generative AI platform

NIPRGPT, a ChatGPT-like tool, will allow airmen, guardians and civilian employees to use the technology for tasks like coding and content summarization.

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Graphic By: Derace LauderdaleDefense Pentagon Graphic

CDAO plans to bring more companies to support CJADC2

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(Staff Sgt. Rachel Simones)Drones

House lawmakers want to create Army drone branch

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AI Warplane

AI and human pilots were ‘roughly even’ during latest tests

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GettyImages/Smederevacfacial recognition

The future of ethical investigations

As investigations continue to evolve in complexity, having ethical standards will help to ensure the responsible development and use of evolving digital…

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3 ways agencies can build on CISA’s new secure-by-design, secure-by-default principles

CISA’s new Secure-by-Design, Secure-by-Default principles offer a road map to guide technology providers to a more secure future. By addressing integration,…

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Artificial Intelligence

Technology isn’t coming for your job—it’s coming to support your work

Something as simple as using automation to eliminate manual and repetitive compliance-based tasks from employees’ day-to-day can free up resources for higher-value activities.

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