CDAO plans to bring more companies to support CJADC2

The Pentagon will initially use the Open DAGIR ecosystem to scale its data, artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities in support of the CJADC2 initiati

The Pentagon is bringing more companies into the Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) architecture through a new initiative called the Open Data and Applications Government-owned Interoperable Repositories (Open DAGIR).

The department wants Open DAGIR to be a multi-vendor ecosystem that lets DoD integrate industry solutions in a way where the department retains ownership of its data while letting companies develop applications using this data.

“[Open DAGIR] allows us to ensure enduring access to government-owned, contractor-operated technology stacks and infrastructure and retain data rights while also maximizing the ability of other companies to develop applications with government data,” Radha Plumb, the new chief digital and artificial intelligence officer, said in a statement.

The Pentagon will initially use the Open DAGIR ecosystem to scale its data infrastructure, interoperability, artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities in support of the CJADC2 initiative.

The launch of Open DAGIR comes days after DoD awarded a $480 million contract to Palantir for its Maven Smart System prototype. The Maven Smart System will be expanded to thousands of users from five combatant commands beginning June 1 and will be the foundation for the ecosystem. The system’s open architecture will allow other companies to integrate their applications.

“We want to be able to integrate with any data system, any new AI capability that the government procures and wants to be part of this ecosystem,” Shannon Clark, head of defense growth at Palantir, told reporters Thursday. “Should tomorrow a new sensor come online, should tomorrow a new AI capability come online — we want to be able to integrate with that. That’s the beauty of commercial software. We can get it up running in days and weeks, not months and years.”

The system gathers data from multiple sources and consolidates it into one interface that is available for use to everyone from intelligence analysts and operators to the leadership at the Pentagon.

In addition, the Pentagon made another Maven award to Palantir, a $33 million Other Transaction Authority contract that will “rapidly and securely onboard third-party vendor and government capabilities into the government owned, contractor-operated data environment to meet priority Combatant Command digital needs.”

“CDAO plans to explore similar approaches to enabling enduring access to infrastructure for enterprise analytics and federated tactical data in the future,” according to the Pentagon’s statement.

The Maven system has already been used during a series of the CDAO-run Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE). The office will use the upcoming GIDE events to test out additional solutions that can be added to the Open DAGIR ecosystem in support of CJADC2.

The process will begin with an industry day planned for the month of July.

“Open DAGIR ensures the department can leverage the innovative solutions from the world-class software developers in both the traditional and nontraditional industrial base to create capabilities for our warfighters and decision makers. Combined with our experimentation-based approach to capability development, we aim to give industry front-row access to both our data and our users to develop relevant and timely software for decision advantage,” said Plumb.

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