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IRS, IRS website, IRS Taxpayer Report

IRS has 37,000 webpages. About 2% get nearly all of its traffic

The IRS is tapping into billions of dollars in multi-year modernization funds to provide a higher level of customer service to taxpayers.

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Graphic By: Derace LauderdaleDefense Pentagon Graphic

CDAO plans to bring more companies to support CJADC2

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/gintas77Cybersecurity

State Department employing continuous automated testing in software development

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AI Warplane

AI and human pilots were ‘roughly even’ during latest tests

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Graphic By: Derace LauderdaleDoD budget, defense spending

Pentagon cuts science and technology funding request

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A joint business venture to help maintain national security in space

Space Hour’s Eric White speaks with Matt Kuta from Voyager Space about a joint venture it’s entering to improve national security in space.

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Clean Energy Pentagon

Alpha-1, DoD’s portfolio of services, will accelerate AI adoption

“Alpha-1 is the one that is starting to get momentum to enable AI and ML scaffolding,” said Navy Capt. Xavier Lugo.

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Space Force, AI

Space Force ‘not doing enough’ to use AI capabilities

“It’s something that we have to continue to prioritize and put to the top of the list,” said Lt. Gen. Doug Shiess commander of U.S. Space Forces-Space.

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