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FILE - The U.S. Capitol building is seen before sunrise on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, March. 21, 2022. With an urgent funding request stuck in Congress, the Health Resources and Services Administration says it can no longer cover medical bills for COVID tests and treatments for uninsured people and will stop taking claims at midnight Tuesday. (AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe, File)

What your agency can expect if the government gets redivided after the midterms

If the Senate or the House if or both switch to Republican control come January, you can expect a different approach on government oversight.

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(Photo by Glenn Fawcett)As part of CBP’s one-to-one biometric facial recognition testing on inbound, international flights, a traveler has his photo taken and compared against his passport photo to confirm his identity at Dulles Airport. Photo by Glenn Fawcett

Customs and Border Protection expands use of facial recognition

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NSFNational Science Foundation headquarter

How the federal government is reorienting its innovation and economic development funding to focus on places

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