Treasury Department

  • Hearing nominations for vacant Treasury posts

    Although the President’s cabinet team is in place, a number of important positions are still waiting to be filled. The Treasury Department is one agency with high-level positions still vacant. This week the Senate Finance…

  • FY2010 Budget Requests: Defense and the IRS

    As budget season continues, more cabinet secretaries and other agency heads are talking about their FY2010 budget requests. The Senate Appropriations Committee had three agency leaders before their subcommittees yesterday: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was…

  • Performance management on agencies’ front burners

    President Obama has said publicly that he is a big fan of performance management, and wants to blend its practice into the day-to-day operation of the Federal Government. But what does that mean for feds who are tasked with actually making the wheels of government turn every day? The Association of Government Accountants convened a conference to discuss performance in government.

  • How hacks on Dept. of Treasury sites were detected

    Roger Thompson of AVG explains how he and others at the company were able to figure out that certain sites of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing were under attack.

  • Treasury Hacked

    The Treasury Department has taken off-line four public websites for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing after a malicious code was found on a parent site. Visitors to the web domains, which provide information about U.S. currency, were redirected to a Ukrainian website that launched a variety of web-based attacks.

    Treasury officials say the Bureau began using a third-party cloud service provider to host the sites last year. That company suffered an intrusion, resulting in a number of Treasury Web sites being affected.

  • Lessons learned from to help Treasury, the site that tracks the recovery act spending, is widely praised as one of the most innovative sites in government. Now one of the companies that created the website has won a contract to…

  • The new ‘in’ crowd uses Foursquare

    Move over Facebook and Twitter, there’s a new social media competitor making its way through the federal government.

  • Improper payment oversight improves

    Obama administration officials told Congress agencies are taking a more aggressive stance than ever in their efforts to cut improper payments. The White House has set a goal of reducing such payments by $50 billion by next fiscal year.

  • Unions demand to know debt ceiling impact on feds

    A coalition of 21 groups representing five-million federal employees and retirees wrote a letter to OMB and Treasury asking for information about what happens to federal workers if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. NTEU is planning a rally in New York to oppose proposed cuts to federal employees pay and benefits.

  • White House unveils new tool to stop improper payments

    The White House launched a new “Do Not Pay” tool on Thursday to prevent improper payments to individuals and companies. Agency heads must submit plans to adopt the tool by June 30.