TSP millionaires

  • Politics and your TSP investments

    When Congress set up the TSP it told the managers to keep it simple, keep it cheap to users with low administrative fees, and to keep it apolitical.

  • Resetting your retirement clock

    Whether you are a plodder or a planner, foot-loose or up-tight, odds are your retirement checklist didn’t mention the possibility of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that would knock the 11-year bull market to its knees.

  • Millionaires club takes stock — no pun intended

    With the stock market reeling from the impact of the coronavirus who do you feel sorriest for, the 22,432 TSP millionaires or the 5 million-plus smaller investors?

  • Managing your TSP: Buy, sell or sit tight?

    Not so long ago in what now looks like the good old days hundreds of Thrift Savings Plan account holders were hoping to be inducted into the Millionaires Club.

  • The TSP millionaires club just lost nearly half its members

    The Thrift Savings Plan millionaires club was going strong before the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it’s lost 45% of its members.

  • The millionaire in the mirror

    While there is a lot of interest in those who are self-made Thrift Savings Plan millionaires, the fact is most investors will never hit seven-figure status.

  • The TSP’s fast-growing self-made millionaires club

    Thanks to the booming stock market the number of federal-postal workers with $1 million or more Thrift Savings Plan accounts jumped to 49,620 at the end of 2019.

  • So why aren’t you a TSP millionaire?

    Mike Causey asked Abraham Grungold, a 34-year civil servant, why so many TSP investors have account balances that are so relatively small?

  • How to become a TSP millionaire in 2020

    Just about everybody knows the stock market is long overdue for a correction of 20% or more — maybe a lot more.

  • Will you stick with the TSP?

    Fans of the Thrift Savings Plan hope new withdrawal rules encourage more people to stick with it when they move to another job or retire.