• Overseers fear VA’s new appeals modernization will go the way of past failed projects

    The Veterans Affairs Department has about a year to get its appeals process off the ground. Congress and GAO are concerned VA doesn’t have the tools ready to meet that deadline.

  • VA says hiring freeze is over — except for thousands of headquarters jobs

    In the aftermath of the federal hiring freeze, the Veterans Affairs Department says hiring managers are free to fill most positions. But there are still thousands of exceptions requiring approval from senior VA officials.

  • Claims backlog is up, but National Work Queue slowly finding its footing, VA says

    The Veterans Benefits Administration sees progress with the National Work Queue, the automatic workload system that assigns a veteran’s claim to the regional office that has the most capacity to immediately begin work. But Congress is concerned the NW Queue creates unnecessary confusion and can’t address the growing backlog of veterans claims.

  • John Kamensky: VBA makes headway on claims backlog

    The National Academy of Public Administration released a detailed study that showed the Veterans Benefits Administration has improved disability claims backlogs, but that’s only the beginning. John Kamensky, chairman of the academy’s VBA panel, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin for more.

  • Satisfaction with federal government services hits new low

    The Treasury Department, thanks largely to the Internal Revenue Service, held its rank as the agency with the lowest satisfaction rating in 2015.

  • VA customer-service warriors on mission to streamline veterans’ needs

    Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald has pledged to put veterans first at the department. Maureen Ellenberger is one of his warriors in the battle. As director of veterans relationship management at the Veterans Benefits Administration, she is trying to standardize the customer service that veterans receive and make sure their experiences are positive.