• WikiLeaks rains on CIA — with style

    Maybe President Trump should give his 30-day cybersecurity review a little more time now.

  • DoJ: cyber indictments, sanctions tell other nations to ‘get off our lawn’

    The Justice Department’s top national security official says the most successful tools the federal government has employed to deter other countries from hacking the U.S. so far have been legal ones rather tit-for-tat counterattacks.

  • Manning to tell judge about WikiLeaks disclosures

    An Army private charged in the biggest leak of classified material in U.S. history is set to tell a military judge how he did it and why.

  • Obama issues agencies new policies for combating insider threats

    President Barack Obama has issued new agency standards for protecting classified information from insider threats. In a Presidential Memorandum issued Wednesday, Obama provided the heads of executive branch departments and agencies the new National Insider Threat Policy as well as the minimum standards to be employed by each agency in standing up its own insider-threat programs. Details on the new policy and the standards were not made public.

  • Five ways to ensure responsible information sharing

    The Information Sharing Environment is supporting a set of technology priories to promote the safe disclosure of data. In the ISE’s annual report to Congress, it highlights the steps agencies have taken over the past year to move toward a culture of responsible and secure information sharing.

  • Hacker group claims responsibility for WikiLeaks denial-of-service

    Anti-Leaks launched its attack just as Wikileaks began releasing information on a secret government surveillance program, Government Computer News reports.

  • Task force drafting strategy to prevent another WikiLeaks

    The Insider Threat Task Force expects to submit its national plan to the White House in the next few months. The Defense Department will use its secure identity cards to stop unauthorized access to data and systems.

  • How to balance information sharing, security

    Karen Evans, the former administrator of OMB’s Office of E-Government and Information Technology, joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris with her take on how the administration plans to balance security with the need to share information.

  • Executive Order details post-WikiLeaks approach to secure sharing

    President Obama has codified several initiatives that were developed after classified data became public. The Information Sharing Environment’s mission has been extended to help coordinate the development of standards to securely share classified information.

  • IT sharing solutions tackled at FOSE Conference

    Information sharing in the age of WikiLeaks is one of the topics on tap at the annual FOSE Conference.