Steve Ressler — GovLoop’s 10K man… and counting

GovLoop, the remarkable social networking site built specifically for govies, hit a simply remarkable milestone this week — 10,000 members. (When I just c...

GovLoop, the remarkable social networking site built specifically for govies, hit a simply remarkable milestone this week — 10,000 members. (When I just checked, it was up to 10,412.)

Steve Ressler (photo by Matthew Borkoski)

Steve Ressler (photo by Matthew Borkoski)

GovLoop was launched less than a year ago by Steve Ressler. Ressler is a young fed who does his GovLoop work in his hown time. I’ve posted the GovLoop press release below, and the release notes that there are some big names among the GovLoop membership — GSA CIO Casey Coleman… White House director of new media Macon Phillips… but in the end, it is the numbers that I find remarkable:

GovLoop members have written over 1,500 blogs, started 1,200 discussions, posted over 450 events, shared 4,000+ photos and created over 200 videos.

In the end, people are using it. There is a new Acquisition 2.0 group that has formed. People are using it. Really remarkable stuff.

As I noted soon after I started the DorobekInsider, I first met Ressler as part of Federal Computer Week’s Rising Star awards program. And, as I said back then, ff you want to have faith in the “next generation,” you simply have to make it a point to talk toRessler. I don’t admit to be objective here. I was so impressed with Ressler, that when FCW created the Rising Star awards program three years ago — these are award that recognize the next generation of government leaders — we put Ressler on the cover… and featured him and his step-sister in the magazine. So I still try to claim to have discovered him.

But in the end, he’s the one who has done it — and he won his second Fed 100 award this year for that work. (More here.) And I’d keep an eye on him. He is passionate about public service. He has a good head on his holders. And he has a remarkable moral compass. And he is an intent listener — and he soaks up knowledge. And I think that is what, in the end, makesGovLoop successful — and unique. It isn’t just a ‘get rich’ scheme. Ressler’s goal is to create an environment where people can collaborate to the benefit of government.

Simply remarkable.

So… congratulations to Steve… and if you’re not a member, go here

GovLoop, the “Facebook for Feds,” Reaches 10,000 Users in Less Than a Year
Watch Out Washington! Young Fed Topples Silos 04.29.2009 – Washington, D.C. – April 29th, 2009 – GovLoop (, an online community created for and by government employees, announced today it has signed up its 10,000th member less than a year after launching. Dubbed by some as a “Facebook for Feds,” GovLoop brings together government employees from the U.S. and other nations to discuss ideas, share best practices and create a community dedicated to the betterment of government.

A revolution is happening in government as the result of a new generation of government employees, the rise of Web 2.0 technologies, and the Obama administration’s focus on transparency, participation, and collaboration. This revolution is often called “Government 2.0” andGovLoop is at the center of this movement. The social network was developed by Steve Ressler, a 28-year old federal employee from Tampa, Fla. who is also a co-founder of Young Government Leaders ( Fed up with the silos that existed across government agencies, including artificial barriers between levels of government, rank and age,Ressler believed there had to be a better way to share information, so he launched in June 2008.

The only social network for government employees, the site offers a safe place for the government community to connect, share best practices, and ideas to improve government.GovLoop is smashing the age-old silos that existed between federal agencies and facilitating dialogue that has never existed before between state, local and international government agencies. Members range from CIOs such as Casey Coleman, CIO at GSA, political appointees such as Macon Phillips, White House Director of New Media, dozens of city managers to brilliant government innovators all across levels of U.S. government. And it doesn’t stop there; over 500 International government thought leaders from New Zealand, the U.K., Canada, Germany and Hong Kong have joined the dialogue as well.

The open, accelerated flow of information on GovLoop has led to the rapid replication of ideas and best practices across all levels of government, assisting in improved government operations and performance. For example, a California City Attorney’s Office was able to set up an official government social media presence in a matter of days instead of months by leveraging the best practices and experiences of the state of Massachusetts, which was shared onGovLoop.

Since its launch, GovLoop members have written over 1,500 blogs, started 1,200 discussions, posted over 450 events, shared 4,000+ photos and created over 200 videos.

GovLoop members have already:
• Developed a burgeoning “Acquisition 2.0” movement to employ innovative acquisition methods
• Been the leading source of government input into the Obama Administration’s Open Government Memo
• Established a repository of best practices on items including Social Media Policies, Government Hiring and Government Twitter Use
• Launched a top-rated podcast “Gov 2.0 Radio” ( with guests like Tim O’Reilly (founder of O’Reilly media, and Craig Newmark (founder of Craig’s List,
• Helped win the prestigious Federal 100 award and stand as a finalist for the 2009 ACT Intergovernmental Solutions Award

Starting May 4th, GovLoop will continue the spirit of government collaboration by hosting the official online dialogue for Public Service Recognition Week (May 4th – May 10th). Participants across the U.S. are encouraged to share their experiences of the week and suggest ideas to improve government. To participate in the conversation joinGovLoop and the Public Service Recognition Week group (

As such, GovLoop welcomes all members of the government community to join the conversation at, the premier social network for government employees.

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