DorobekInsider: Twitter #followfriday — the @fednewsradio edition

For the Tweetdom, there is something known as Follow Friday — #followfriday in Twitter hash tag terms.

(One of the most challenging parts of Twitter is building your network of people who are worth following — and who will follow you. The #followfriday helps because, if you find somebody interesting, they might follow interesting people. To further build your network, I’d recommend the GovTwit directory at, which does a great job of rounding up the government tweeters.)

Not wanting to recreate the GovTwit directory, here is a #followfriday of people at Federal News Radio 1500 AM and our sister station, WTOP 103.5 FM.

Starting with Federal News Radio itself, which @fednewsradio

Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s anchors…

The Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris
my Twitter feed: @cdorobek
Notes: The co-anchor of Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris… Very active feed.

Amy Morris: @amorris_wfed
Notes: My co-anchor on the Daily Debrief. Amy is very good about posting about the items that we have on the show each day — we call it the Tweet tsunami.

Federal News Radio Internet editor Dorothy Ramienski: @emrldcitychick

The Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Jane Norris
Tom Temin: @ttemin

In Depth with Francis Rose
Francis Rose: @frose1500

Federal News Radio reporters:
Jason Miller: @jmgovit
Max Cacas: @maxnewsroom

Julia Ziegler, Federal News Radio producer and Web/Operations Manager: @juliaziegler2

Federal News Radio programs:
Federal Security Spotlight: @FedSecurity

Federal News Radio executives:
Lisa Wolfe, program director : @FedWolfe
John Meyer, manager of sales and operations: @jdmeyerou

Next Friday: The WTOP tweet directory… I’ll pass along the Twitter handles for the people in our sister station, WTOP radio.