DorobekInsider: Celebrating a Happy (Fiscal) New Year with GovLoop

GovLoop and GovDelivery, fresh off their new partnership, had a party — to celebrate that collaboration, but it was also a Happy Fiscal 2010 New Year Part...

GovLoop and GovDelivery, fresh off their new partnership, had a party — to celebrate that collaboration, but it was also a Happy Fiscal 2010 New Year Party at Current in Washington, DC.

Some of the buzz items at the event:

* The future of Intellipedia: We’ve been telling you about the decision by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to shut down one part of the Intellipedia suite of collaboration tools. It’s important to remember that the crowd that comes to a GovLoop party is more of a gov 2.0 crowd. That being said, it is also a younger group — and they are collaborators. And they are passionate about the mission of government. They are, by and large, the kind of people the government wants to hire — and keep. Despite reassurances by ODNI officials that they will replace the uGov e-mail system with something else, there is a lot of suspicion. In the end, e-mail is a 1990s technology and is not really a collaborative technology. But there is great concern about what this will mean for the rest of the Intellipedia suite of collaborative tools. But people believe that this has a significant impact on what other agencies will do.

* Collaborating around Buying — specifically, A group of folks — GSA and the National Academy of Public Administration — are working on improving the acquisition process… even the crowdsourcing of an acquisition. It is a great idea and a marvelous attempt at trying something new and different. The official announcement of the program will come later this month at ACT/IAC’s Executive Leadership Conference… and we hope to have GSA’s Mary Davie on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris with a preview in the coming days.

Meanwhile, some photos of the event…

GovLoop’s Ressler with Deloitte’s Rachel Azaroff… Azaroff was one of FCW’s interns when I was editor in chief. One of my goals with interns was to give them something they could have as a “clip” when they went out into the “real” world — and Azaroff was there when FCW launched the Rising Star awards program. So… for the Rising Star issue, I asked a young person to write a story about the challenges facing young feds. The headline, Hire me, already: New recruits say government work is a good gig — and as rewarding as ever — but getting a foot in the door can be a drag, and the story is probably just as apt today as it was back in 2006 when the story was written. I also asked her to write a “comment” piece based on what she had learned:

Azaroff: Forget MySpace. It’s time for FedSpace [Federal Computer Week, Oct, 9, 2006]
Twenty-somethings could make e-government and other cross-agency initiatives happen

You’ll notice that Ressler was going incognito…

And, of course, the DorobekInsider was there too (photo courtesy of Kathleen Smith of See more of her photos from the event here.)

Happy Fiscal 2010

Happy Fiscal 2010

In fact TechBisnow was able to grab a photo that I did not — GovLoop’s Ressler and GovDelivery’s Burns.

And, by the way, yes — Federal News Radio 1500 AM was a sponsor.

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