The 12 days of teleworking

Here come the holidays, ready or not. Teleworkers might appreciate a little something to make doing the job from home more comfortable or just plain fun.

  1. A Desk Calendar – One of those full sized ones for writing on when someone else has come along and borrowed the Post-its.
  2. A Desk Organizer – Holds paper clips, pencils, etc. (See above.)
  3. A Really Good Pen – The kind most of us seem to “lose” at the office.
  4. A Headset – With padded earpads and a mute button.
  5. Anything USB Powered – Fans are popular, as are lamps. A USB microwave is rumored to be in the works.
  6. A Shiny New Coffee Pot – And a selection of single pot coffees and/or teas.
  7. A Surge Protector – Practical and says “we’d miss you if you didn’t have power.”
  8. A Visit from a Housecleaning Service – For those “I never noticed those dustbunnies before” issues.
  9. A Gift Certificate from a Local Restaurant that Delivers – Pizza, chinese…
  10. A Multi-pack of Thumbdrives – Some of us can never find one when we need one. (See 3.)
  11. An Awesome Sweatsuit – No one has to know what they are or aren’t wearing.
  12. Bunny Slippers – Embrace the cliché.

Happy Holidays!


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