Building secure systems out of insecure parts

Host Tom Temin discusses new, innovative ideas for dealing with computer viruses. His guest this week - Jeannette Wing, the chair of the Computer Science depart...

October 14, 2010 — It can be a dreary cycle. Worms and viruses come out, propagate on the Internet, then industry rushes to create patches, and agencies and corporations download the patches and hope they get installed on time. Then, the whole process starts all over.

But what if basic research could be focused on the science of cybersecurity to break that cycle with a whole new approach to the Internet?

That’s what occupies the thinking of Jeannette Wing, the chair of the Computer Science department at Carnegie Melon University. She also served for three years as the assistant director of the computer and information science and engineering directorate at the National Science Foundation.

This week, Federal Security Spotlight discusses the future of cybersecurity with Wing, and she explains the concept of building secure systems out of insecure parts.

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