Craig’s List founder shares innovation tips

You are challenged to think outside of the box, but how do you really innovate?

The DorobekINSIDER moderated the Fed Talk Conference and put the question to panelist Craig Newmark, the Craig of Craig’s List and a government innovator.

Newmark said the spirit of open government has empowered many people to think of new ideas. Most of these ideas will come from the “rank and file” and will give the Dilberts of an organization the chance to shine.

“The deal is people on the frontline of any organization know what’s going on and know how to get it done better,” Newmark said.

Most people want to figure out a way to do their jobs better, but they require a way to organize these ideas.

Newmark pointed to discussion boards at the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Service, where employees can refine ideas together and vote them up or down.

An agency also requires management commitment to see a good idea through, Newmark said.

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