New virus sends fake message from the FBI

The FBI is warning the public of a new “drive-by” virus that is sending fake messages that appear to be from federal agencies.

The virus is called Reveton ransomware. Investigators consider it a “drive-by” virus because it can installs on computers simply by clicking on an infected website

The Reveton virus sends a false message claim the Federal Bureau of Investigations or the Department of Justice has identified that site as being associated with child pornography or other illegal online activity. The malware claims the only way to fix the freeze is to pay a fine using a prepaid money card service.

“We’re getting inundated with complaints,” said Donna Gregory of the Internet Crime Complaint Center.


The FBI first learned of the virus in 2011 but since then it has spread. The FBI has posted tips and information on its website what do if your computer is infected with the virus.

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