25-point IT plan summary

In September 2010, the White House released its 25-point plan for IT reform, aimed at eliminating flailing programs, shifting to a "cloud first" policy and ...

The White House released its 25-point plan for IT reform two years ago. The plan was aimed at eliminating flailing programs, shifting to a “cloud first” policy and consolidating data centers.

Here is a summary of the 25 points:

Former Federal CIO Vivek Kundra released the 25- point IT reform plan in December 2010.
Applying “Light Technology”

1. Consolidate data centers

The original goal was to consolidate at least 800 data centers by the end of 2015 — OMB has since increased the goal to 1,200 data centers.

2. Create a data center ‘marketplace’

The online list allows agencies needing data capacity to find agencies with extra capacity.

3. Cloud-first

CIOs identified “must move” services and created a plan for migrating those services to the cloud.

4. Contract vehicles for cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service

The General Services Administration will make available a set of contract vehicles for cloud-based IaaS solutions.

5. Contract vehicles for commodity services

A Software-as-a-Service E-mail Working Group is developing technical requirements for cloud email.

6. Shared services

Agencies develop a “roadmap” for shared services.

Program Management

7. IT program management career path

The Office of Personnel Management and OMB will create an advancement path, including recruiting and hiring, for IT program managers.

8. Scale IT program management career path governmentwide

9. Integrated program teams

IT programs must include multi-disciplinary teams, including agency leaders and professionals in the IT, acquisition, financial management and legal departments.

10. Collaboration platform

The Federal CIO Council will develop an onlint portal to share best practices.

11. Technology Fellows Program

CIOs will recruit by partnering with universities with “well-recognized” technology programs.

12. IT program manager mobility

Agencies will offer rotational opportunities to share knowledge and expertise across government.

Align Acquisitions with Technology Cycle

13. Cadre of specialized IT acquisition professional

The Office of Federal Procurement and CIOs will design training for acquisition professionals to develop specialized knowledge to speed up complex IT acquisitions.

14. OFPP to develop IT acquisition best practices

15. Contracting guidance for modular development

OFPP will develop templates and samples for modular contracting practices that allows flexibility for evolving technical requirements.

16. Increase opportunities for small tech companies

Align Budget Process with Technology Cycle

17. Work with Congress on flexible IT budget models

18. Develop supporting materials for flexible IT budget models

The Federal CIO council will create “playbooks” with best practices for this kind of funding.

19. Scale flexible IT budget models more broadly

20. Consolidate commodity IT spending under CIO

Improve Accountability

21. Strengthen Investment Review Boards

These boards were created to evaluate the results of major IT investments. The plan calls for restructuring the boards to the “TechStat” model.

22. Redefine role of CIO

CIOs’ role will shift from mostly policymaking and infrastructure maintenance to portfolio management. Agencies must terminate at least one-third of their poorly performing projects.

“TechStat” model at bureau level

CIOs and agency leaders will roll out tools and training for TechStat-like sessions.

Engagement with Industry

24. “Myth-busters” campaign

Myths that industry and government can’t engage with each other creates an “artificial barrier” and reduces agencies’ access to market information, the plan states. OFPP issued a memo in January 2011 that supported discussions and outreach efforts with key stakeholders.

25. Interactive platform for pre-RFP collaboration

GSA will launch a governmentwide, online platform for agencies to tap into industry knowledge prior to issuing a request for proposal.


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