The Future of IT: How CIOs Can Enable the Service-Oriented Enterprise

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One way of looking at information technology is in terms of what an IT shop delivers. Users look to IT as where they go to get provisioned with devices, applications and network capacity. Customers and constituents receive those products services online via public-facing Web applications. A broader view of service delivery can greatly expand the roster of services delivered by the IT shop that aren’t of the IT shop. For example, everything from vehicles and related services, human resources functions, even office space and supplies can be thought of as deliverables. By encapsulating and automating the processes necessary to delivery these disparate requirements, organizations can make delivery itself faster and more efficient. To look at where service delivery is headed, Federal News Radio put together a panel of IT experts in the federal government with lots of ideas on how to expand and improve service delivery. In Part One, panelists discuss the current state of service delivery, IT and otherwise, including how much is user self-service and how they deliver service to IT professionals. In Part Two they discuss data center optimization with eye towards more efficient service delivery and new non-IT services that IT can have a hand in delivering, for example, HR services. In Part Three panelists look ahead to logistics improvement, IT service automation including software-as-a-service, mobility and management services like project portfolio management as future service delivery options.


Tom Temin, Federal News Radio
Tom Temin is the host of Federal Drive weekdays from 6-9 a.m. on Federal News Radio 1500AM. Tom Temin has 30 years experience in journalism, mostly in technology markets. He was a long-serving editor-in-chief of Government Computer News and Washington Technology magazines, both of which were regular winners of national reporting awards. Before joining Federal News Radio, Tom wrote (and continues to write) a column on government IT and acquisition topics. He was a regular guest on Federal News Radio before joining the team.


Don Adcock, Deputy CIO, Department of Energy
As the Deputy Chief Information Officer and the Acting Associate Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Energy Information Technology (IT) Services, Mr. Adcock is responsible for leading and delivering a full array of essential and mission critical IT services for the Department of Energy. Mr. Adcock provides strategic leadership and operational oversight of the Department’s primary IT infrastructure and is responsible for implementing the Office of the CIO’s services transformation activities and for providing secure, national-level decision making capabilities for the Secretary of Energy, his advisors, and the principal leadership of the Department.
John Edgar, VP of IT, US Postal Service
John Edgar is responsible for one of the world’s largest corporate technology infrastructures with IT systems that operate around the clock powering all postal business functions. He also leads efforts to design new technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers so that the Postal Service continues to provide affordable, convenient products and services. His recent accomplishments include the implementation of a modern, multichannel commerce platform that supports online, agent-assisted and mail-order transactions with integrated customer management tools. He also directed the modernization and expansion of the USPS tracking systems which processes over 30 billion tracking events annually. Additionally, he directed the IT effort to implement Full Service, an integrated series of systems that enables customers to use Intelligent Mail barcode technology to achieve end-to-end visibility of their mailpieces. Other achievements include serving as the enterprise architect for the Postal Service, leading the implementation of standardized IT support services and the USPS Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).
Lt. General, (R) Susan Lawrence, SVP, Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President Susan S. Lawrence is a leader in the firm’s defense business. As a seasoned technology leader and retired senior military officer, she supports a number of businesses and initiatives that cut across the defense and security markets. These include Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4); Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR); enterprise IT; joint information environments; cyber; integrated mission systems; and emerging technologies.
Steve Alfieris, VP of Federal Sales, ServiceNow
Mr. Alfieris serves as the VP of the US Federal Government market for ServiceNow. ServiceNow is the global market leader of delivering cloud based transformational Enterprise Service Management solutions. The ServiceNow platform enables enterprises to achieve their strategic IT and Business objectives while achieving measurable cost and performance benefits across their organization.

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