Federal Drive Show Blog – January 22, 2014

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Today’s Interviews:

Matthew Hummer
Quantitative Analyst
Bloomberg Government

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The federal government is nothing if not a gigantic general contractor. In the new 2014 budget, the General Services Administration says federal construction and building maintenance money has returned, to the tune of $9.3 billion. Matthew Hummer is a quantitative analyst with Bloomberg Government. He has more on where this money will go.

Kevin Plexico
Vice President of Information Solutions

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The 2014 federal budget the President signed last week is a tall stack of paper. One estimate says each word represents $3 million in spending. The President praises his White House staff for all the detailed work they did.

Still, it’s not always easy to digest every item in the budget. Kevin Plexico is vice president of information solutions at the budget tracking firm Deltek. He gives clues to the priorities.

Johannes Ullrich
Dean of Research
Sans Technology Institute

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The recent security breach at Target has people reeling. Federal authorities believe the attack has Russian origins and may have affected multiple U.S. retailers. The Secret Service says the malware is basic, but the attack was sophisticated. Johannes Ullrich is dean of research at the SANS Institute.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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Becoming a leader at the Transportation Department means doing more than just putting in your time. Even subject matter expertise is no guarantee of promotion. Brian Crew is the department’s associate director for human capital planning and solutions. He tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller how DoT is improving training for managers.

Jared Serbu
DoD Reporter
Federal News Radio

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The Defense Department is still assessing the proper place for the commercial cloud in the military, and it’s working on its acquisition strategy. This comes two months after vendors learned the department was rethinking its approach to buying cloud computing services. Federal News Radio’s DoD reporter, Jared Serbu, has more.

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