TSP rebounds from end-of-summer slump with better returns

The Thrift Savings Plan saw all but one of its funds show significant improvement in September, and recovered from a late-summer downturn.

The Thrift Savings Plan saw all but one of its funds show significant improvement in September, recovering from a late-summer downturn.

The small-cap stocks S fund posted the highest monthly return at 4.26 percent, and made the biggest improvement, having posted a -0.41 percent return in August. It ranks as the second-best performer over the last 12 months at 19.15 percent.

The F fund, the fixed-income index investment fund, reported a -0.48 percent monthly return, and was the only fund to post a negative return in September. It has the lowest return of any TSP fund over the last 12 months, at 0.34 percent.

The C fund, based on stocks from the S&P index, reported a 2.06 percent return in September, which is up from the 0.30 percent posted in August.

The international stocks I fund posted a 2.52 percent monthly return, and remains the top performer over the past 12 months at 19.79 percent.

The low-risk, low-reward G fund, which invests in Treasury securities, posted a slightly slower return at 0.17 percent in September, compared to 0.19 percent in August

All TSP lifecycle funds performed better in September, although some saw greater improvements than others. The L 2050 continued to demonstrate the best return of the bunch at 2.14 percent.

Thrift Savings Plan — September 2017 Returns
Fund September Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.17% 1.73% 2.23%
F fund -0.48% 3.36% 0.34%
C fund 2.06% 14.24% 18.62%
S fund 4.26% 12.76% 19.15%
I fund 2.52% 20.30% 19.49%
L Income 0.60% 4.54% 5.32%
L 2020 1.02% 7.26% 8.62%
L 2030 1.60% 10.47% 12.40%
L 2040 1.87% 12.03% 14.27%
L 2050 2.14% 13.44% 16.05%

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