Facebook commenters blast Archuleta over operating status

Facebook users were quick to criticize the Office of Personnel Management’s decision to operate federal agencies on a two-hour delay Wednesday.

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta posted an update on her Facebook page Tuesday night, explaining the agency’s decision to open the government with a two-hour delay.

Many commenters called it a “horrible decision.”

“Bad decision. All the public schools out here in Loudoun county are closed. Inclement weather is inclement weather. The frigid temperatures and road conditions are unsafe. When safety is involved, you should close,” Amanda Fanara-Roy wrote.

Another commenter, Gavin Braunstein, was more blunt, saying, “Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. and Reckless.”

Fred Griefer addressed his concern as a parent with school-aged children.

“Be empathetic to parents and coordinate with school districts. ALL school districts are closed including DCPS. Show a little business empathy please,” he wrote.

Chanelle Wilson had a similar concern. “Not everyone has the option to telework or for unscheduled leave. Some of us will now have to cautiously drive our children to daycare and make it to work ON TIME. Someone there made the wrong call. I pray that we all make it to our destinations safely.”

But some Facebook users were fed up with the other commenters.

“You all can’t be serious?!?!” Josh Jankot wrote. “Emergency employees have to risk life getting to work in a blizzard and people are complaining about a delay (with 8 hours to clean the roads)? How would anyone survive the private sector?”

“No matter what decision is made there is SOOO much whining. God bless the folks in people service fields!” Jean Marie Rienzo wrote.

A few commenters were more sympathetic and thanked Archuleta for making the announcement Tuesday night.

“Good call, and you got the information out before bedtime. Thank you,” Jeff Hall wrote.

“Congratulations on getting it out tonight – please strive to make that the standard. Thank you,” Don Carr wrote.

Commenters on Federal News Radio’s Facebook page offered similar thoughts.

“The complaining is honestly ridiculous,” wrote Carrie Osman. “If this were the private sector there wouldn’t be an option – you haul your butt to work, on time, period. Having telework options, delayed arrival, the option of leave — that’s generous and it’s options that a lot of private sector folks wish they had. Yes, it’s inconvenient to juggle scheduling, but doesn’t everyone? They’re doing what they can. People expect miracles — hardly fair. They let us know with plenty of time to decide what we wanted to do.”

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