OPM data breach: What will hackers do with the information?

22 million current, former, retired and wanna-be feds are worrying about the two massive data hacks at the Office of Personnel Management.  The hackers got pay, grade and home address information, Social Security numbers and — if you are one of them  — your Mother’s maiden name, a favorite (sometime required) part of your password or security code system.

Odds are either you are one, or you have a friend, relative or neighbor who has been burned.  Could they be using it to develop a social network profile of you, or your kids? And if so, why?

The question is what next? What will the hackers do with the information? Is this a one-off action, or will hack attacks increase in intensity and numbers? Is this the new normal?

Host Mike Causey will talk with Federal Times editor Jill R. Aitoro about the OPM hack.  Like most of the federal media community, she’s been tracking the situation and has some interesting takes from the private sector. That’s at 10 a.m. ET streaming here on FederalNewsRadio.com or in the D.C. area on 1500 AM.


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