Could the FEHBP go postal?

What would a stand alone health plan for postal workers and retirees mean for other government workers at Interior, the FAA, the General Accounting Office, Pentagon, IRS and other agencies?

Would any new postal-only plan or plans, still in the planning stage, strengthen or weaken the FEHBP program that is considered the gold standard of employer-sponsored health plans?

James Sauber, chief of staff of the National Association of Letter Carriers, will answer those questions when he joins host Mike Causey on this week’s “Your Turn”.

Sauber will talk about the postal reform package, where it’s at in the legislative process, what it would mean for feds — postal and non-postal — and retirees. He will also deal with the issues of cost in the proposed program, where the money would come from and what, if anything, the shift to Medicare would mean for retirees and the taxpayers.