TSP: Should you dare to be dull?

AARP magazine financial columnist Allan Roth joins host Mike Causey on this week's Your Turn to discuss investment strategies for federal workers. He'll also ...

(This show originally aired on March 28, 2017)

This week on Your Turn,  AARP magazine financial columnist Allan Roth joins host Mike Causey to talk about his dare-to-be dull method of investing.

Roth is author of How A Second Grader Beats Wall Street, which explain how his then 8-year old son built his own portfolio that beat the pros. One of the main reasons, Roth says, is that money meant very little to his son when he started investing. It was more an 8-year old’s academic exercise. Because the dollars meant little, he invested without emotion.

Could it work for you? Should you try it?

Roth will review the 13 lessons in his book, talk about time in the market as opposed to timing the market, what place the G fund should have in your portfolio and how taxes figure in the allocation of stocks, bonds (the F fund) and the G fund in our TSP and outside investments.

You can listen at Federal News Radio.com or in the D.C. metro area on 1500 AM. You can also dial 712-432-5393 to listen live from any phone.

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