GAO’s John Needham on smooth insourcing

Insourcing is causing heartburn on both sides of the contractor/agency equation. While the contractors are worried about losing talent and business, the agencies are trying to figure out where the new people will go, exactly what they’ll do, and how they’ll integrate into their existing organizations.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee’s subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management got some input last Thursday from Dan Gordon, Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy; Jeff Neal, Chief Human Capital Officer at the Homeland Security Department; Chuck Grimes, Deputy Associate Director of Employee Services at OPM; and John Needham, Director of Acquisition and Sourcing Management at the GAO.

The subcommittee also heard from some experts outside government: Maureen Gilman, Legislative Director of the National Treasury Employees Union; Alan Chvotkin, Executive Vice President and Counsel of the Professional Services Council; and Mark Whetstone, President of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council.

I played highlights of the first panel in the show today. You can watch the entire hearing on the video link below.

In the second hour of the show today, John Needham of the GAO expanded on his testimony, sharing ideas for agencies to implement the OMB guidelines he and others talked about at the hearing.

Click to watch the entire hearing