Industry Chatter: Agencies must get grip on big data

Randall Jackson, vice president of Federal Solutions at software firm MarkLogic, joined Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss the shifting nature of Big...

In today’s tech-savvy age, the file folder and the rolodex have all been but thrown out the window. Now, companies and agencies have a range of data to both use and store. Call it the age of Big Data.

That’s what MarkLogic, a California software firm, which opened a Tysons Corner office in the winter, calls it.

Increasingly, such big data includes what is known as “unstructured data” – information such as emails and Tweets that aren’t easily archived using traditional methods.

Randall Jackson, vice president of Federal Solutions at MarkLogic, joined Francis Rose for Industry Chatter to discuss the evolving nature of data and how the administration’s policy initiatives have changed the way agencies manage it.

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