In Depth interviews – June 11

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Today’s guests:

James WilsonDirector of Human Capital, Office of Special Counsel

The hiring initiatives agencies are working on are supposed to make hiring talented, new federal employees easier and faster.

James J. Wilson, the director of Human Capital at the Office of Special Council, joins In Depth to discuss the progress his agency is making on hiring reform initiatives.

Wilson also addresses where his agency stands on retirements, worker morale and programs to help increase retention.

Michelle Bernier-TothManaging Director of Overseas Citizens Services, State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs

When Americans travel abroad, they know in times of crisis they can get assistance from the U.S. embassy. But if it wasn’t for Michelle Bernier-Toth, the ability to get accurate information in times of uprisings, natural disasters or wars could be far more challenging.

For her efforts, she has been named a finalist in the National Security and International Affairs category of the Samuel J. Heyman Service to American Medals, also known as Sammies.

Click here for the complete list of nominees.

Kevin JonesIPv6 transition manager, NASA

The launch of the next generation of the Internet, version 6, is underway — most people call it Ipv6. And the first federal agency to make the move is one that, incidentally, is an expert at launches.

Kevin Jones, is the IPv6 transition manager at NASA. He discusses how NASA made the transition and how it enabled its main website to support IPv6.

Steven GrundmanLund Fellow, Atlantic Council

Doing more without more. That’s the logic behind the Better Buying Power initiative at the Pentagon.

Steven Grundman, Lund Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C., and former deputy undersecretary of defense for Industrial Affairs, joins In Depth to discuss how the Better Buying Power initiative has shaped acquisition at DoD.

Read more from our week-long multimedia special report, Inside the World’s Biggest Buyer.

Bill AndersonController and Administrative Services Officer, Government Accountability Office

Government watchdogs can’t investigate with their bare hands. They need tools and resources to keep an eye out for trouble. Bill Anderson, the Government Accountability Office’s controller and administrative services officer, joins In Depth as part of Federal News Radio’s week-long multimedia special report, Inside the World’s Biggest Buyer.

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