In Depth interviews – July 11

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Today’s guests:

Lee DoughertyGeneral Counsel, P.C.’s Government Contracts practice


Type in the phrase “GSA schedules” into just about any search engine, and your screen will fill up with companies who’d love to help small businesses get access to the schedules programs. And while many, if not most of those firms are legitimate, there are also quite a few unscrupulous operations that take consulting fees and do little or no work.

Lee Dougherty , the chairman of the government contracts group at the law firm General Counsel, says businesses frequently contact him hoping to get their money back from scam artists who claimed they could get them easy access to the GSA schedules.

Thad BingelFormer Chief of Staff, Customs and Border Protection

Several Texas lawmakers are pushing back against a U.S. Border Patrol plan to close down nine of its stations there and in three other states. In a memo the Border Patrol chief sent to the field last week, the agency said it would relocate the agents from those stations to higher-priority areas closer to the border.

Three Republican House members say that would leave local police agencies in their districts without the help they need to handle immigration-related law enforcement matters. Thad Bingel served as chief of staff for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in 2007 and 2008 (the Border Patrol is a component of CBP). He’s now a principal at Command Consulting.

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