TSP closes out 2012 with strong showing

The Thrift Savings Plan closed out 2012 with strong showings by nearly all the funds — both for the month of December and the year.

The C, S and the I Funds posted the largest gains last year. The C Fund, which matches the performance of stocks in the S&P 500, was up 16.07 percent. The S Fund, which tracks stocks not included in the S&P 500, posted gains of 18.57 percent. And the I Fund, which tracks a suite of international stocks, was up 18.62 percent at the end of 2012.

That’s a far cry from last year, when both the S and I Funds posted negative returns for the year, and the C Fund saw only modest gains.

The G and the F Funds posted more modest gains for the year — 1.47 percent and 4.29 percent, respectively — both below last year’s levels.


However, the Lifecycle Funds, a mix of fund investments targeted to when participants will begin withdrawing funds from their accounts, posted solid gains for the year well, above last year’s returns.

Aside from the L 2050, which was launched last year, the L 2040 posted the largest gains posting returns for the year — 14.27 percent.

Thrift Savings Plan December 2012 returns

Fund December Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.12% 1.47% 1.47%
F Fund -0.13% 4.29% 4.29%
C Fund 0.91% 16.07% 16.07%
S Fund 2.69% 18.57% 18.57%
I Fund 4.02% 18.62% 18.62%
L Income 0.47% 4.77% 4.77%
L 2020 1.19% 10.42% 10.42%
L 2030 1.48% 12.61% 12.61%
L 2040 1.69% 14.27% 14.27%
L 2050 1.93% 15.85% 15.85%


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