Former FEMA chief Brown: Super Bowl outage ‘not my fault’

A power outage in the middle of Super Bowl Sunday night plunged the Superdome stadium into darkness for more than half an hour.

And as the minutes ticked by, Federal News Radio’s “In Depth” host Francis Rose, like many, turned to social media to poke fun at the situation. The last thing he expected was a response from the man at the butt of the joke.

You’ll remember, then-Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown — christened “Brownie” by President George W. Bush — was excoriated for his handling of post-Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. During the storm, the Superdome was used as a shelter of last resort for New Orleans residents.

Brown is now a radio show host in Colorado.


Richard Cooper is the vice president of research and emerging issues at the National Chamber of Commerce. Robert Shea, now a principal at Grant Thornton, served as the associate director for the Office of Management and Budget during the Bush administration. Stan Soloway is the president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, an industry group.


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