In Depth interviews – Feb. 19

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Today’s guests:


Nick Guertin
Director of Transformation
in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

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Nick Guertin joins In Depth to discuss the open systems initiative at the Defense Department and how it helps drive improvements in defense acquisition.

More information on Open Systems Architecture

Lee Dougherty
Fluet, Huber & Hoang

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You can lose an award protest before you even file one. One of the best pieces of knowledge you can have is when to walk away. Lee Dougherty, a partner at Fluet, Huber & Hoang, joins In Depth to discuss a recent pre-award protest made against the U.S. Agency for International Development.

A square peg will never fit into a round hole (related link)

Tom Shoop
Government Executive

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With only ten days left for Congress to find a solution to sequestration, tensions in the D.C. area are running high with furloughs possible. Tom Shoop, editor-in-chief of GovExec, joins In Depth to discuss the latest sequestration news.

Sequestration furloughs won’t begin until April (related link)

Full sequestration coverage

Jeff Carr
Founder and CEO
Taia Global

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A group of Chinese cyber warriors may be behind a wave of cyber crime targeting American companies. The cybersecurity firm Mandiant believes a unit of the People’s Liberation Army is stealing American intellectual property and breaking into our critical infrastructure. Jeffrey Carr, founder and CEO of Taia Global and the author of “Inside Cyber Warfare” joins In Depth to discuss why he thinks there may be flaws in the research.

Mandiant APT1 Report Has Critical Analytic Flaws (related link)

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Winslow Wheeler
Straus Military Reform Project (Center for Defense Information)

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The Joint Chiefs of Staff calls sequestration a doomsday scenario. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says it will cripple our national security. But one expert says the sequestration predictions are overblown. Winslow Wheeler, director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information at the Project On Government Oversight, joins In Depth to discuss his take.

A Stampede of Hysterics (related link)

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Jamie Barnett
Venable’s Telecommunications Group

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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is guilty of a string of cybercrimes in America, according to a new report from cyber firm Mandiant. Retired Rear Adm. Jamie Barnett, now the co-chair of Venable’s Telecommunication’s Group, joins In Depth with his take on the report.

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