In Depth Show Blog – August 27, 2013

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Today’s guests:


Robert Shea
Grant Thornton

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The clock is ticking for Congress to get a budget complete for Fiscal 2014. As they negotiate what looks like another continuing resolution, Fiscal 2015 is the next project in your agency’s budget shop. Robert Shea is principal at Grant Thornton and former associate director for Administration and Government Performance at OMB.

Tom Shoop
Government Executive

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The days of the three-martini lunch and the flask of scotch in your desk are long gone or they’re supposed to be. But some people are wondering if getting a little loose with the help of some well-timed cocktails could improve employee performance at your agency.

Gordon Adams
Distinguished Fellow
Stimson Center

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More than 6,000 civilian jobs may be on the chopping block at the Pentagon, according to some internal planning documents there. But some cynics on Capitol Hill think that plan may be less than it appears to be. Gordon Adams is professor at American University and Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center and former associate director for National Security and International Affairs at OMB.

Lee Dougherty
Fluet, Huber & Hoang

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The next step for the OASIS contract is a protest hearing. US Falcon dropped its protest of the final solicitation to the contract. The company filed its protest with the Government Accountability Office. But the contract still faces a protest at the agency level.


Company drops protest of GSA’s OASIS RFP

Agency-level protest of GSA’s OASIS contract moves forward

Jared Serbu
DoD Reporter
Federal News Radio

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The Army Reserve has what it calls a classic out-of-balance problem. It has far more entry-level enlisted personnel and officers than it need and too few midgrade soldiers. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu has more on how the Reserve is trying to manage its personnel on what officials call “shifting sands.”

Also on the Show:

Every Tuesday is the Executive Suite, where we hear from executive leaders at agencies from across the entire federal government. Today, we listened to highlights from the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. She delivered farewell remarks Tuesday morning at the National Press Club to talk about how the department changed during the 4 1/2 years of her leadership. Napolitano is stepping down in the beginning of September to become the next president of the University of California.

View the full video of DHS Secretary Jane Napolitano’s speech here.

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