Robert Shea

  • Performance Matters for OMB

    The new budget proposal from the Obama administration contains about $17 billion worth of reductions and cuts of programs the Office of Management and Budget says don’t work, or don’t work well. Former associate director…

  • OMB must sell Congress on budget cuts

    Former OMB officials say having solid data on why certain programs need to be ended or cut is key to making this initiative work. OMB directs agencies to suggest which low performing programs or those outside of the agency’s mission to target for termination or reduction by Sept. 13.

  • Countdown: OMB vets Burman, Shea on Orszag departure

    This week’s Federal News Countdown, featuring the top three most important Federal news stories of the week.

  • Successful metrics for measuring agency performance

    What should the administration really be doing? We learn all about that during this week’s In Depth Conversation.

  • A look at OMB’s administration assessment and management plans

    Francis Rose is joined by former OMB associate director Robert Shea with analysis on the memo

  • Pension, health care programs could be cut next

    The Fiscal Commission issued its final set of recommendations detailing several that would affect federal employees. The panel suggested reducing the federal workforce by 200,000 employees over the next five years, changing the FEHB to a defined contribution premium program and several other short term changes.

  • Pay freeze won’t save money, cut debt or deficit

    Monday’s proposal by President Obama to freeze Federal pay for two years has been subject number one on the last several days.

  • 2011 predictions: programs cut, but raises still on table

    President Obama’s move to freeze Federal pay in 2011 and 2012 has generated a lot of heat this winter. Robert Shea, Principal in the Global Public Sector practice at Grant Thornton, was involved in pay…

  • OMB reorganization efforts: what you should know

    The White House is detailing how a government reorganization effort will work, and who will run it.

  • Countdown: shutdown, fed union rights

    Host Francis Rose counts down the top federal news stories of the week with John Kamensky of the IBM Center for the Business of Government and Robert Shea, formerly of the Office of Management and Budget.