Federal News Countdown: Going back to the future in procurement

From left, Jeff Koch, former OMB official, and John Salamone, vice president of FMP Consulting, count down the top stories of the week with host Francis Rose. (Photo by Michael O’Connell)

Two experts in the world of the federal government choose and rank the three news stories from the current week that they think are most important to people who work for the federal government. This discussion gives Federal employees and contractors a chance to hear what their peers are thinking about, talking about and dealing with.

Guests on the Federal News Countdown:

  • Jeff Koch, former OMB official
  • John Salamone, Vice President, FMP Consulting

Jeff Koch’s stories:

#3 Carter steps down, Fox appointed new acting deputy DoD secretary (Federal News Radio)

#2 FTC Says Flashlight APP Left Consumers in the Dark (Associated Press)

#1 Back to the Future: Bring back the Raines Rules for IT procurement? (Federal News Radio)

John Salamone’s stories:

#3 Back to the Future: Bring Back the Raines Rules for IT Procurement (Federal News Radio)

#2 Amid Talks of Pension Contribution Hikes, Lawmakers Speak Out for Feds (Government Executive)

#1 Optimism Persists for Budget Deal. Is It Real? (Government Executive)

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