SAVE Award winner cuts printing, postage costs

By Jolie Lee
Federal News Radio

The White House gave its SAVE Award to Trudy Givens of the Bureau of Prisons, who suggested ending the mailing of thousands of Federal Registers to federal employees.

Givens, of Portage, Wisc., beat out more than 18,000 entries with ideas to save government money. The White House announced the winner in a Tweet Monday afternoon. As the winner, Givens will be meet the President and present her idea.

Even though it’s available online, the Federal Register is currently mailed to approximately 8,000 federal employees every workday, according to the SAVE Award website.

By statute, hard copies must be made available, but Givens suggested allowing an opt-in option for hard copies to reduce the cost of printing and postage.

A similar “opt-in” option offered to the public reduced the number of mailings from 25,000 to 500 recipients.

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