GPO, NASA keep business humming despite forced distancing

Throughout the pandemic, Congress has not missed the Congressional Record. Nor have Executive Branch agencies missed the Federal Register. All thanks to…

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Government Accountability OfficeSBA

SBA to end self-certification after watchdogs flag ineligible companies

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/SeanPavonePhotoWashington, D.C. skyline with highways and monuments.

With shutdown over, agency regulatory process soon to regain momentum

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OGE’s new draft strategic plan commits to public engagement campaign

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Rep. Steve Russell: Stop printing so many copies of the Federal Register

Congress seems to have a foot in two centuries. It grapples with budgets and issues in the here and now, but it does so with the technology of the last…

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Federal websites can spill over into propaganda

Federal websites have lots of information, but they occasionally wander into propaganda territory.

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Proposed ethics rule offers guidance for job-seeking feds

The Office of Government Ethics proposed a rule to help Executive Branch employees follow guidelines when looking for new jobs. The rule includes new examples, clarifies language, as well as addresses the gray area of social media and employment opportunities.

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