Long term care and an update on the congressional supercommittee

October 26, 2011 — Paul Forte and Beth O’Brien of Long Term Care Partners, join host Mike Causey to talk the about the federal Long Term Care program.

They will talk about how the program works, what and who it covers, and everything you need to know about the insurance.

Federal Times reporter Stephen Losey joins Mike in the second half of the program.

They will discuss what the congressional supercommittee is up to.

Topics include:

  • whether the committee will recommend an extended pay freeze, higher retirement contributions, and lower future cost of living adjustments for retirees
  • the proposal to eliminate the FERS retirement program
  • the upcoming health insurance open season and the impact of labor-management partnerships
  • whether the supercommittee will propose eliminating within-grade (longevity) step increases

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