Senate passes hiring reform bill

The Senate has passed a hiring process improvement bill. Last night, the Federal Hiring Process Improvement Act (S. 736) was approved. It would streamline federal recruitment and hiring processes.

Among other provisions, the Federal Hiring Process Improvement Act requires agencies to:

  • Develop strategic workforce plans, addressing hiring projections and critical skills gaps in the workforce;
  • Post clear job announcements in plain writing;
  • No longer require “knowledge, skills, and abilities” essays, allowing applicants to submit resumes and cover letters;
  • Provide timely notification to applicants of their application status, taking no more than 10 business days after a position is filled to notify non-successful candidates;
  • Take an average of 80 days from the time a manager decides to fill a vacancy to the time an offer is made for the vacant position;
  • Keep an inventory of all applicants who elect to be considered for other Federal vacancies; and
  • Measure the effectiveness of hiring efforts and reforms

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