Arlington Cemetery updates call center data

By Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

The Army’s technology squad finished an initial update of the systems supporting Arlington National Cemetery.

The Army’s Information Technology Agency completed phase one of the IT process improvements by taking over all support functions whether by phone, e-mail or fax.

ITA announced today it is now able to answer every call that comes in, about 1,100 calls per week.

“What we have now that we didn’t have before is data,” said Kathryn Condon, executive director of Arlington National Cemetery in a release. “We are now able to answer, track and document 100 percent of the calls.”

Former Army chief information officer Gen. Jeff Sorenson, who retired in December, sent in a team of specialists last summer to help fix Arlington National Cemetery’s problems, specifically around managing the Cemetery’s database of veterans.

Arlington National Cemetery came under criticism when the Army’s inspector general found more than 100 unmarked graves and other problems because poor record keeping.

Along with upgrading the call center, ITA also improved the cemetery’s network infrastructure, desktop computers and peripheral equipment such as printers.

ITA eventually will become the cemetery’s main technology supplier, providing hosting, network and service functions.

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