DISA reassessing need for commercial cloud services

The Defense Information Systems Agency is reassessing its needs for commercial cloud services for non-sensitive data.

DISA announced Nov. 8 in FedBizOpps.gov that after four months of planning and review, it would revise its acquisition strategy to buy commercial infrastructure- as-a-service and other support services.

“This strategy may result in a solicitation for a new contract at a significantly lowered ceiling or the leveraging of contracts previously awarded which contain the appropriate scope for meeting this demand,” DISA said in a notice on FedBizOpps.gov.

DISA expected the contract to be worth $450 million over four years.

DISA first issued a draft request for proposals in June asking for vendors to potentially provide commercial cloud services, including storage, virtual machine, database and Web hosting services.

Defense Department Chief Information Officer Teri Takai named DISA as the one-stop cloud broker and providers of services to all of the military in July 2012. DISA expected the commercial cloud contract to be a major piece of that offering.

But as DISA went through the process, held an industry day in July and answered three rounds of questions from vendors, it decided its approach needed more refinement. More than 80 companies attended the industry day.


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