Marine Corps CIO Nally to retire

A fter 34 years in the Marine Corps, Brig. Gen. Kevin Nally is retiring.

Nally surprised most people at the AFCEA Naval IT Day May 14 by announcing his decision to leave the Corps in July.

“It’s time to transition and I’m really looking forward to the transition,” Nally said.

When asked what he plans on doing after his service is over, Nally only would say, “I know what I don’t want to do.”

And that response is why Nally was a favorite on the speaker’s circuit and with reporters. He is honest, candid and funny—three traits not nearly seen enough among federal officials.

Of course, that got Nally in some minor trouble too once in a while. And he reminded the reporter, usually publicly, when something didn’t sit right with his brass.

But Nally always was accessible to industry and the press at conferences, usually came with something to say and you knew you were getting his true view of the world.

During his five-year tenure at Marine Corps CIO, Nally moved the organization forward in several regards, including closer toward bring-your-own-device (BYOD), took over the operation and ownership of the Navy-Marines Corp Intranet (NMCI) and its follow-on Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) and pushed to get data and systems to the tactical edge.

One other personnel note of interest — Dan Twomey, who spent much of his career in industry, decided to take a job as a fed.

Twomey, who many might know from his time at Unisys and GigaTrust as well as for serving in an executive volunteer position with the Industry Advisory Council, jumped into a new role at the General Services Administration as an industry expert, working on IT category management in Office of Strategic Programs in the Integrated Technology Solutions shop in the Federal Acquisition Service.

Twomey started in mid-April in his new role.

This is first of several category management-related positions that GSA and the Office of Management and Budget are hiring.

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