Federal Drive Interviews — March 20, 2013

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Today’s guests:

Federal News Radio’s Executive Editor Jason Miller called in to talk about two stories he wrote. The first concerns the Agriculture Department and other agencies’ efforts to obtain reprogramming authority to offset sequestration cuts. Miller also spoke about his story on the General Services Administration receiving little funding for repairs and maintenance of federal buildings.


Kathleen Tighe
inspector general
Department of Education

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The Education Department is vulnerable to student loan fraud and over payments for school grants. DoE Inspector General Kathleen Tighe testified before the House Committee on Appropriations today. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) asked if she has any quick solutions that would pass with bipartisan support.

Stan Soloway
Professional Services Council

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Once the sequestration budget cuts hit, the FAA wasted no time in notifying contractors that they could expect to feel the pinch. But not all agencies have taken that step. Its a decidedly mixed picture. Stan Soloway is president of the Professional Services Council, which represent federal service contractors. He joins us now with what the council and its members are hearing.

Pete Kasperowicz
The Hill newspaper

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We could be headed for a government shutdown a week from today if Congress fails to pass a bill that continues funding. Lawmakers are working on it, but they’ve got their hands full with other budget bills too. And if you thought a week wasn’t a lot of time lawmakers have even less. They’re set to go on Spring Break Friday.


House budget debate solves nothing, but sets up Wednesday votes

Tuesday: Senate stuck on 2013 spending, House starts 2014 budget


Wednesday morning federal headlines – March 20, 2013
The Newscast is designed to give FederalNewsRadio.com users more information about the stories you hear on the air. In today’s news, the Agriculture Department is teaming up with Maryland and Virginia in a data-sharing program to wipe out food-stamp fraud.

DoD Report

Cybersecurity Update

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