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“Modern data experience” starts with the right storage services

Success on these data usage fronts depends on careful technical stewardship of data – what you might call the modern data experience.

A recent survey of federal chief data officers revealed good progress towards establishing good data inventories and governance policies. Success on these data usage fronts depends on careful technical stewardship of data – what you might call the modern data experience.

The elements of that experience aren’t complicated, according to Nick Psaki, the federal  principal engineer officer at Pure Storage. But they do require good planning on the part of the tech staff.

In this video, Psaki outlines the four basic fundamental principles of the modern data experience:

  • Fast access
  • Cloud hosted storage and retrieval management for scaling an avoiding the capital expenditure trap of the agency’s own infrastructure
  • Simplicity and ease of deployment for new services and managing scale – all, as Psaki puts it, “pushbutton easy.”
  • A “subscription” model for innovation.

That last point, subscription, refers to what Pure Storage calls the evergreen storage model in which the customer gets continuously updated infrastructure at a fixed ongoing cost.

This model also provides for the persistence and reliability of data regardless of the service using the data, such as in the orchestration of containers in Kubernetes instances. Properly deployed, Psaki says, subscription service data, coupled with Pure application programming interfaces, can abstract the variations in hardware/software configurations across competing commercial clouds.

At the hardware level, Pure offers solid state storage. For infrastructure owners this means no moving parts and therefore fewer mechanical failures. From a data services standpoint, because solid storage is random access and not serial like magnetic drive, it can address in parallel thousands of services requests simultaneously. This all means a substantial reduction in latency – from milliseconds to microseconds. The result is a measurable improvement in overall system performance.


The Definition of the Modern Data Experience

Subscription storage does some incredible powerful things in both improvement of the agency’s effectiveness and ability to accomplish their mission. But it also has tremendous benefits to the sustainment and operations maintenance expenses and outlays. It cancels technical debt.


Data Access

We prefer [the term] data service rather than storage. IF the modern data experience puts forth cloud everywhere as a doctrine, then you’re really talking about compute service, networking service, and data service in conjunction with and support of your application service and application service delivery.

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